How is Kolkata Fatafat played?

Kolkata Fatafat Result: Kolkata Fatafat is a lottery based game. It is very popular in Kolkata which is played in Kolkata only. Many lottery games are based on guesses. Kolkata Fatafat ( is also based on estimates. If you guess the number correctly you can become a millionaire overnight.

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Friends, the game of betting is risky. This can be quite risky for beginners. There are many games which are based on guesses. In which the betting game is played only on the basis of numbers or rules of the game. A lot of experience is required to play this kind of game because in this game based on guessing; only the one who knows how to rotate the numbers can win.

Just as solving a mathematical problem requires a formula, playing the game of betting requires tricks that are known only to those who are experts in the game.

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  • What is lottery sambad?
  • Satta Matka is banned in many states
  • Lottery game is risky
  • How to play Kolkata Fatafat game?
  • fun is played in two ways
  • Kolkata Fatafat Live Result Time-
  • These people can play Kolkata immediately

Lottery is a form of gambling, it is illegal in many states, but legal in some states. Many people try their luck in lottery sambad game, when luck favors a person then he becomes a millionaire overnight. Lottery is a scheme in which a person participates by buying a ticket and if the number given in the ticket gets stuck then he gets the decided prize. Lotteries ranging from lakhs to crores of rupees are held.

That’s why many people play lottery sambad to try their luck. As we told, games like lottery are illegal in many states of India, but in some states it is legal. So, today we will tell you about one of the most popular lottery games named i.e. Kolkata fatafat and will also know how it is played.

Satta Matka is banned in many states

Kolkata ff result today every person wants to become rich. Some people keep working throughout their life and some do business. There are many people who dream of becoming rich overnight. For this, they adopt shortcut methods due to which many times they have to face legal cases. Many such betting games like Satta Matka are played in many states of the country. There are many organizations that organize these types of games. Apart from this, it was played in the states of West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Manipur, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Nagaland, etc. but now it has been banned here.

Lottery game is risky

Kolkata Fatafat is played several times a day. This is the reason why people like it a lot. As we said, people adopt shortcut methods to become rich. Betting is a game that makes you a millionaire overnight. People like this shortcut way of becoming rich. However, it becomes risky for many people because this game is of one and all, if your guess is right then you can become a millionaire in one go but if the guess is wrong then you can also become a pauper. A large number of people invest money in instant betting in Kolkata. The operator of the lottery game issues a number and if your number is correct then you win the lottery.

How to play Kolkata Fatafat game?

Kolkata Fatafat is also known as Kolkata FF Result ( This is a lottery game just like Satta Matka. In earlier times, Satta Matka used to be offline i.e. face to face, in which numbers were written on slips and put in the pot. The game player used to guess the numbers. However, at that time bets were placed on cotton but today it is online. Because of this, people are getting attracted towards it.

Kolkata Fatafat is also based on numbers. It is played online. In this you are given numbers from 1 to 9. You bet on any of these numbers and if the number chosen by you turns out to be correct then you win the game. Friends, this game is also very popular because the profit on winning it is very high. Let us tell you that if you win the lottery in this, you get 9 times the profit. Let us tell you that the results are declared through lucky draw. is played in two ways

Kolkata FF Result is played in two ways: first single and second patti. Single has numbers from 1 to 9 like 1,2,3….9, in this you have to choose one number. There are three digit numbers in the leaf like number 481. To play Patti, you choose a number like 481. Now you have to find a single digit number from it, like add 481 – 4+8+1= 13. There is 3 on the right side i.e. 481, 3 will be your Patti number.

Kolkata Fatafat Live Result Time-

Kolkata Fatafat is played 8 times a day. You can check the results of all the rounds at the given time from morning to evening.

  • The first round is announced at 10:03 am
  • After this the second round at 11:33 am
  • Third round at 01:03
  • Fourth Round 02:33 PM
  • 5th round at 04:03
  • 6th round at 05:33
  • 7th round at 07:03
  • 8th round at 08:33

These people can play Kolkata immediately

As we mentioned above, Kolkata Fatafat is played only in Kolkata. A person from another state cannot play it, it is quite popular among the people due to high profits. This game is played online and offline. In today’s time, Kolkata Fatafat Result can be seen on many websites. It is played 8 times a day from Monday to Saturday. This game is played only 4 times on Sunday.


The purpose of this article is only to give you information, we do not in any way support betting or any illegal activities, the purpose of this information is only to make you aware about illegal activities.

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